The “As If” Principle

So often we lose our momentum because it looks like we can't possibly succeed, make a difference, finish what we started, recover our health, etc. I came across this wisdom when I was a single parent hoping to get through graduate school while my son was also in college. Most days were filled with near paralyzing doubts. So much depended upon whether I received funding for the next semester or not. It's hard to remain focused on intensive study when you could be forced to a dead stop at any time. So I just acted "as if' I would succeed. This kept me motivated. Truthfully...there was nobody more shocked than I when I received my PhD and my son graduated from law school within weeks of each other. I started to call this way of thinking the "as if" principle and have applied it in my life ever since. #emoed#drmary#emotionaleducation

Image Source: Google Images