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I am a rehabilitation psychologist. My areas of specialty include:

  • Psychiatric disabilities, brain injuries and co-existing substance use disorders;
  • Adaptive housing recommendations for individuals with these disorders;
  • Chronic homelessness research;
  • Homeless and disability advocacy training.

In my work with disabled, chronically homeless people:

  • I provide street outreach assistance;
  • I arrange and coordinate medical, legal, psychological and substance abuse services;
  • I provide long term counseling and emotional support to my people;
  • I consult via voice, text, mail, email and online social media messages with homeless people locally and across the country;
  • I review autopsy records, consult with medical examiners, funeral directors and prepare death reports.

I provide advocacy services:

  • I accompany my disabled, homeless contacts to health care, legal and social services agency appointments;
  • I advocate on their behalf with medical, legal, social services, shelter and homeless housing personnel;
  • I visit my chronically homeless contacts in the hospital, rehabilitation facilities and in jail;
  • I consult with attorneys and advocate for my people in legal proceedings;
  • I accompany them to court and represent them in official social services hearings;
  • I contact the police and/or adult protective services for assistance in cases of imminent danger.


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