Mary McLaughlin, PhD, and her team provide the following services:

  • Consultations with municipalities regarding the provision of services to chronically homeless and/or disabled populations;
  • Consultations re: compliance with best disability services practices for chronically homeless people;
  • Proposing and conducting formal and informal research within chronically homeless communities;
  • Recommendations for adaptive housing suitable for cognitively and/ or psychiatrically disabled, chronically homeless individuals;
  • Outreach services to identify those chronically homeless individuals at highest risk of death;
  • Outreach services to those identified as “service resistant;”
  • Project development and recommendations re: very low income housing;
  • Presentations at seminars and meetings of groups and organizations interested in homeless services;
  • Training of homeless and disability services advocates;
  • Professional training of college and graduate school interns;
  • Writing guest posts and articles on homelessness related topics;
  • Recommendations to police and corrections officers with respect to working with individuals with cognitive or psychiatric disabilities;
  • General information with respect to federal and state laws that serve to protect disabled individuals. NB: Dr. Mary is not an attorney.

If you wish to inquire about a topic not shown in the list above, please contact Dr. Mary McLaughlin via [email protected]