Help Dr. Mary to Help People in Need!

Dr. Mary is a founder, board member and the Executive Director of Cape Haven, Inc, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Cape Haven focuses on chronically homeless individuals at high risk of death.  We provide street outreach services, advocate for housing and coordinate intensive medical, psychological and legal supportive services. We conduct research, offer internship opportunities and provide training for homeless and disability advocates. We assist homeless people online who are located all across the country.

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YOU Can Help People in Need

Help People in Need Directly!

People want to help others in need but often don't know what would be helpful. If you've felt this way, click on "Learn More" below to review our list of suggestions, all based upon real needs of real people. IMPORTANT: practice basic personal safety precautions. Do not admit strangers to your vehicle or to your home. In lieu of cash, you might prefer to make $5 or $10 nearby restaurant gift card donations to panhandlers. Make donations only in well lighted, populated areas.

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It Takes a Village

Homelessness and poverty are widespread across our nation. Dr. Mary and her team of professional colleagues, student interns and dedicated volunteers have learned that it takes a group of concerned people to provide advocacy and assistance in order to help one homeless person or family successfully.

We hope that small groups across the country will focus initiatives intensively and for a dedicated period of time on one area homeless individual or family in need of assistance and housing. Our plan for this website is to share with you some of the skills and strategies that have been helpful to Dr. Mary and her team in their work


SAFETY FIRST: Do not bring strangers into your home or vehicle. As with any group, there may be predators among the homeless population. Your personal safety needs to be your very first priority at all times.

IMPORTANT:  Please keep your religious preferences private.  Do not seek converts to your faith from among the homeless population under the guise of offering assistance.  Participation in your religious practices should never be a condition of receiving assistance.  If people wish to affiliate with a religion or a church, they will do so on their own.

PLEASE NOTE:  Assist ONLY those individuals who confirm that they want help.  Be patient ... eventually those who may have initially been reluctant to accept assistance often change their minds when they see that it has in fact been helpful to others.  Many homeless people are weary of accepting assistance;  "help" might not have been helpful in the past.