Choose Happy

We need not wait for an external event to "make us" happy. We can do this for ourselves. We can restore our joy and emotional equilibrium by doing something nice to balance ourselves, a simple thing like taking a walk, tea, a book, music, a few flowers, messaging a friend. Happiness is achieved one day at a time... sometimes one hour at a time.

We can say to ourselves today "Ugh!! It's Monday morning again" or we can say "I'm going to be happy today! How can I do that?" Choosing happiness is energizing and it improves our relationships. We are drawn to happy people.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to decide to change our attitudes and be happy. I do this every day. Given my work with chronically homeless, disabled individuals, I could be sad, angry and depressed much of the time. Every day, for example, there seems to be another tragic death to mourn, more awful news. do you cope and keep on keeping on? By deciding to be happy anyway and by doing nice little things for myself. You can do this too.

Image Source: Google Images