Band of Brothers

Lending a helping hand. People helping each other concept.

One of my people was released from an inpatient substance abuse treatment rehabilitation program yesterday. While be was still enroute back to his home, I received a call from another one of my people - who has been through the same program and is doing great - to tell me that he was standing by to be of assistance.

The man who returned home yesterday had himself been looking out daily for a third man who'd fallen on the ice earlier this winter and been badly injured. I expect that he'll continue to do so now that he's back in town. In fact, he's probably already been over there today to check up on him.

These three men - each disabled and with a with a very long history of chronic homelessness - function like a "Band of Brothers" when it comes to to helping each other to recover their health and to achieve sobriety. I receive calls daily from one or more of them - and from many others as well who were once homeless - to tell me about what this person or that person still on the street needs and to explain what they are themselves doing to help that individual.

If these people didn't all help each orher so enthusiastically and so effectively and so wonderfully, I could never accomplish all that I do. They have all become such dedicated advocates and supporters for each other that I'm often completely astonished at their intense commitment to helping others and to giving back.

My people have a rehabilitation community going on - both online and offline - that gives me hope and strong incentive to keep on keeping on. On those days when I get discouraged dealing with the resistance and resentment of some of the bureaucrats in housing and social services agencies, I remind myself about how far from the streets we have all come together and I find the determination and inspiration to keep going.

I am so proud of them all and so increbibly impressed with them. There are no "throw-away" people out there on the streets. To tell you the truth, I'm amazed too! I never anticipated that we could all - working together -accomplish so much. Moreover, we've done all of this together with almost no money at all.

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