Grief – One Month

Yesterday was the one month anniversary of Johnny’s death. Thank you for all of your very thoughtful messages and other lovely expressions of sympathy. I appreciate them all so much. They have provided me with great comfort.
How am I doing? It’s been the most awful winter ever for me but – as friends have reminded me – I am richly blessed to have meaningful work to do. This is certainly true and I am deeply grateful for that blessing.
I’ve been working all along this past month, as much as possible, and will be initiating new projects this spring. I have more time available for work now as well as another intern.
Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with my two young and brilliant interns. We’ll be brainstorming about the best ways to proceed using social media. They will be assisting me. Each has a very strong commitment to social justice issues. One has been helping me for about three years already.
I am so very grateful to everyone who assists me and our non profit organization, Cape Haven Inc. There are days when I’ve felt completely astonished at how far we’ve all come.
Johnny was my biggest cheerleader and I want to honor his memory by doing more and more.
It is time now for me to “rev it up a notch” and take it to the next level.